Francesco Delloro | About the man
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Little About Me

After 20 years Francesco Delloro continues to unabashedly shape the boundaries of European fashion. The indefinable characteristics of his namesake label are the result of a certain unique, uncommonly frank and brilliantly outspoken perspective. Francesco continues to explore the beauty in the unexpected and convey the luxury that exists in the everyday. At the core of the values is his belief that we are each the star of our own movie, and through the joy of the ritual of fashion, makeup and fragrance, we can help further define our individuality and personality. Francesco Delloro continues to offer fashion and accessories through a broad spectrum of accessibility without compromising honesty and integrity.

About the man

Francesco Delloro




1968: Francesco Delloro was born in Pescara, Italy.

1985: He won first prize in a contest organized by the Secrétariat International de la Laine (International Wool Association), for a sketch of a coat. The coat was produced by Pierre Balmain who offered Francesco Delloro, then 17, a job as his assistant.

1991: He became art director for fashion designer Jean Patou.

1994: He became one of the first freelancers in the modern fashion industry, working between France, Italy, England and Germany.

1996: He began working for Fendi; their collaboration has continued to the present day.

1998: He was named art director of the house of Chanel.

2008: He opened his own boutique shop in the center of Milan, Italy.

2010: He received the Couture Council Fashion Visionary Award from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York.

2016: At the request of choreographer and director Benjamin Millepied, he designed the costumes for the Brahms-Schönberg Quartet production at the Opéra Bastille in Paris.

2017: He designed two spectacular suites in the iconic Hôtel de Crillon in Paris. He was also named the recipient of the “Outstanding Achievement Award” at the British Fashion Awards and the John B. Fairchild Award by WWD.

2018: He started to aim worldwide markets under the new brand name – Delorro Fashion. Online shop was opened.